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I’m welcoming Jess Anastasi today!

Hey there, Jess! Let’s get started, shall we?


What genres do you enjoy reading most? I’ll read a few different genres – sci-fi, paranormal, urban fantasy, historical, romantic suspense. Just depends on what mood I’m in when I go to pick up a book.


Why do you write and when did you start? I started writing straight out of high school ten years ago. At the moment I write sci-fi romance, romantic suspense and have a more straight-forward paranormal romance idea I’d like to explore in the near future.


Much of your writing is rather erotic, though not all. I’m curious, what your family feels about your writing? Are they supportive? I think my writing is more sensual than erotic and since most romance novels have at least one or two sex scenes per book, I guess most of my family weren’t that surprised that I’ve written my fair share of naked, hot scenes. They’re all supportive of my career being a writer.


What’s the most interesting comment you’ve received from a reader? I’m going to cheat and talk about the best review I’ve ever gotten instead, the reviewer had this to say:

“Ms. Anastasi has that rare ability to draw a reader to the heart of a character’s emotions and insecurities that so many authors wish they possessed. Her main characters are real, likeable, and easy to care about, and her sex scenes – better described as love scenes – are near poetry, they’re so beautifully and eloquently written.”

Needless to say, I was quite touched by that. I suppose I find it humbling that someone can be so enthusiastic and impressed by something that I’ve written. 

The full review can be read here:


Writing can be a lonely venture. Sometimes, sacrifices are required in our lives. Are the sacrifices worth it? What are your continuing career goals? At the moment I’m in the position where most everything else in my life comes before my writing. I write only when everything else has been done. So I’ve never had to make a sacrifice for my writing. My career goal at the moment is to get an agent and have a book published with one of the “big six” New York publishers.


What did you eat for breakfast this morning? Same thing I have pretty much every morning – toast, black tea and fruit. I’m a creature of habit.





SAVIOR by Jess Anastasi

Noble Romance Publishing Timeless Desire Collection


Cadmiel, the Angel of Destiny, knows better than anyone what a bitch fate can be. Five hundred years ago, the only woman he ever loved was killed, shredding his soul and leaving a void in place of his heart. Now Archangel Michael comes to him with a shocking and forbidden proposal. He wants Cadmiel to travel back in time and save Emilyn. Though Cadmiel wishes beyond all reasoning to do as the archangel asks, messing with time goes against his own beliefs and the very foundations of angel lore. But Michael doesn’t give Cadmiel a choice and thrusts him through time and space, back to 2012.

The first time Emilyn saw the gorgeous man, she was affected on a level she couldn’t comprehend. Cadmiel isn’t like any other guy she’s ever met, and he makes her wish love at first sight were true. But there are forces at work she never dreamed real. In the space of a day, she goes from normal, every-day college student, to a pawn in an apocalyptic war between angels and demons.

Emilyn’s very life is in Cadmiel’s hands. Will he risk the future of the entire universe to save her, or let her die and destroy himself in the process?


Find out more about Jess Anastasi here:




You can find Jess Anastasi’s books at:

Noble Romance Publishing:



It was great being here! And now, for anyone who likes the idea of winning a prize, all you have to do is leave a comment below. Good luck everyone. Tour continue the tour just click the tour logo in the sidebar.



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