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I’m welcoming J.S. Wayne today!

Hey there, J.S.! Let’s get started, shall we?

Me: What genres do you enjoy reading most?

J.S.:  My favorite genre to read is urban fantasy. I love the mash-up of fantasy and our reality, and it makes for a nice break from erotic romance! (Not that I have anything against it, but when you write it day in and day out, sometimes you need to go in a completely different direction to relax. Which makes me wonder how OB-GYNs unwind, come to think of it…)


Me: Why do you write and when did you start?

J.S.:  I write for the same reason I breathe: Because I simply have no choice. Sooner or later, all the stories and snippets I have floating around in my brain HAVE to come out! I’ve been writing, one way or the other, since I was eleven; but it wasn’t until I was seventeen that I got semi-serious about my craft. When I hit thirty and realized I still had a novel sitting on my hard drive that needed to be finished, I fully committed to writing if only as a hobby. Now, almost four years later, I’m succeeding beyond my wildest expectations, and I can only hope that momentum will keep going.


Me: Much of your writing is rather erotic, though not all. I’m curious, what your family feels about your writing? Are they supportive?

J.S.:  My family has always been very supportive of my writing, even the really, truly crappy writing. But now that they can see the rewards and how hard I have to work to achieve them, they are even more understanding of the crazy schedule I keep and the fifteen to twenty-hour days in front of the computer. My wife, in particular, is wonderful as a sounding board when I just need to take a minute and complain, gripe, and yeah, generally bitch!


Me: What’s the most interesting comment you’ve received from a reader?

J.S.:  The best comment I’ve gotten to date came from Mr. K.B. Cutter, speaking about “Angels Would Fall” on Goodreads. Com. He said:

This ends the debate if a het male can write romance.
The answer is YES! Angels Would Fall is a heavenly tale of Soul-bearer Moradiel who suddenly comes in conflict with his angelic lineage and duty when his latest assignment captures his heart. JS Wayne deftly weaves angelic lore and sweet romance to produce a vibrant, sexy story.
My only complaint-it was too short!
More, please!

I couldn’t ask for a better (print) review than that!


Me: Writing can be a lonely venture. Sometimes, sacrifices are required in our lives. Are the sacrifices worth it? What are your continuing career goals?

J.S.:  The sacrifices are absolutely worth it to me, but then I had at least some idea what I was getting myself into the moment I really knuckled down to my writing. There’s nothing better than reading a new review and seeing someone say that you’ve written something that touched them enough to make them want to tell others about it!

As far as continuing career goals, I want to reach the top of the New York Times Bestseller list, hone my craft to the point where people drop what they’re doing and camp out at Barnes and Noble to be the first to get my next book at midnight, and become a self-sustaining author. I knew it was a long road starting out, and I’m not going to stop until I just don’t have another word left in me. Fortunately, I don’t see that day coming anytime soon!


Me: What did you eat for breakfast this morning?

J.S.:  Anyone who knows me knows this is a trick question. I don’t eat breakfast! The closest I come is pounding down a two-liter bottle of Mountain Dew and smoking two cigarettes before I’m fit to be in the company of human beings, household pets, small appliances, barnyard animals, or anything with the letter “e” in it!


Me: What’s your favorite position?

J.S.:  Any kind that involves a naked woman. Or two. Or three! (I’m easy to get along with J)

Seriously, though, I’ve always found doggy-style to be the most enjoyable for me and my partner. If it ain’t broke, why fix it?

Me: Appreciate the candidness, J. You’re one of a kind, for sure.


Find more about J.S. Wayne, here:

Twitter: @jswayne702




Ancient Magic by J.S. Wayne

Noble Romance Timeless Desire Collection


More than two decades have passed since the Hodans invaded the peaceful kingdom of Jurav. In their zeal for conquest, they have mercilessly rent the Juravian national character asunder, starting with the temples of their gods.
Varath’s uncle raised him to one day assume his father’s mantle—command warden of the Temple of Noradi, the most beloved goddess of the Juravian pantheon and the deity of heart, hearth, and the fires which burn in both.
Melody would have been High Priestess to Noradi, and her own family has groomed her with equal care against the day when the Hodan hordes will be expelled and she can assume her rightful place as the most powerful figure in the entire nation . . . and as Varath’s bride.
When Varath departed to serve in the Hodan army, Melody saw it as an unconscionable betrayal. Now Varath has returned to take his father’s place as the sole guardian of a temple where no one dares enter, and he has made overtures to claim the other half of his bequest: Melody herself. But can Melody see past the deceptions and lies his rebellion has forced and learn to love the man who seems to have turned his back on his own people?

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