Blessed protege of a strong-willed mother with a speech pattern to rival any trucker, Bryl was born ready to wrangle. Bryl attributes this fighting spirit though to a unique blend of Gypsy, Native American, and the incessant drive inherent in all Gemini. Of course, being subject to daily drills of “believe nothing you hear…and only half of what you see” it’s no surprise Bryl’s relentless questions gravitate this Wyoming native toward conflict and controversy.

When Bryl’s mother insisted mini-dresses and go-go boots were the rave in the early 70s, Bryl couldn’t wait to hop off the bus and don t-shirt and jeans, attire more suitable for matchbox cars in the dirt and baseball with the neighborhood boys. Math whiz and English extraordinaire throughout childhood, the future looked bright…then Bryl entered high school. Suddenly, acceptance overshadowed all else. Though Bryl won a variety of awards in swimming, track, and speech, and competed neck and neck for the title of Salutatorian, fighting the social system proved unbearable…Bryl died.

Through many a trial and error, failed relationship, and with three young children, at twenty-seven years of age, Bryl looked into the mirror and of course, asked, “Why?” Only Bryl held the answer, and though it took three years to find that breath of life, Bryl was resurrected.

After a lengthy stay on the dark side, Bryl stumbled into the arms of a benevolent sugar daddy, who asks for nothing but companionship and promises love and devotion for little more than strict checkbook balancing. Bryl’s man cannot explain his motives. Why he encouraged the GED, or why he pushed Bryl to complete that BS in Communications/Business, he can’t explain. He claims only that he’s smitten with the mystery before his eyes and is content in knowing that despite Bryl’s inexhaustible dark and wanton needs, the eccentric spice of his life adores him just the same.

Currently, Bryl and Sugar Daddy reside on a modest wooded retreat in the Upstate of South Carolina. Bryl spends 40 hours a week slaving away at an evil day job and as most remaining time writing. Bryl is the proud parent of seven children. Bryl pens an eclectic assortment of works, all conveying the timeless belief that…Love knows no Boundaries.